Club Records 1 of 11

1. Presidents

Year President
2023\24James Woolley
2022\23James Woolley
2021\22James Woolley
2020\21James Woolley
2019\20James Woolley
2018\19James Woolley
2017\18James Woolley
2016\17James Woolley
2015\16James Woolley
2014\15Stephen Hinsley
2013\14Stephen Hinsley
2012\13Stephen Hinsley
2011\12Stephen Hinsley
2010\11Stephen Hinsley
2009\10Stephen Hinsley
2008\9Stephen Hinsley
2007\8Stephen Hinsley
2006\7Stephen Hinsley
2005\6Stephen Hinsley
2004\5Ian Stanes
2003\4Ian Stanes
2002\3Ian Stanes
2001\2James Greaves
2000\1James Greaves
1999\0James Greaves
1998\99James Greaves
1997\98Reginald Walker
1996\97Reginald Walker
1995\96Reginald Walker
1994\95Reginald Walker
1993\94Reginald Walker
1992\93Reginald Walker
1991\92Reginald Walker
1990\91Reginald Walker
1989\90Reginald Walker
1988\89Reginald Walker
1987\88Reginald Walker
1986\87Reginald Walker
1985\86Reginald Walker
1984\85Reginald Walker
1983\84Reginald Walker
1981\82Dudley March
1980\81Michael Stops
1979\80Michael Stops
1978\79Michael Stops
1977\78Michael Stops
1976\77Reginald Walker
1975\76Reginald Walker
1974\75Reginald Walker
1973\74Arthur Hopwood
1972\73Arthur Hopwood
1970\71Anthony Wade
1969\70Brian Smith
1968\69Brian Smith
1967\68Brian Smith
1966\67Norman Green
1964\65Dudley March
1963\64Dudley March
1962\63William Armstrong
1961\62William Armstrong
1960\61V.M. Martin
1959\60V.M. Martin
1958\59V.M. Martin
1957\58V.M. Martin
1956\57V.M. Martin
1955\56V.M. Martin
1954\55V.M. Martin

It is also known that Cyril Keay was president at the club around the 1930s but no fixed date for his presidentship is known.