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1. Senior Membership Conditions

What does my membership cover?
Membership covers games for the senior squad in the MRHA league season.

It does not cover:

  • England Hockey Cup games
  • Veterans games
  • Sevens games
  • Summer games
  • Masters games

What happens if I don't play?
There are automatic credits for your next season membership if you only play:

  • Full season membership - 3 Games £200
  • 10 Game membership - 1 Game £120

If you don't want this as a credit for next season you can apply to have it in cash to treasurer@leicesterwestleigh.co.uk

What happens if I get injured?
If you get injured during the season you can apply to have some of your fees go to next season's memberships. The amount will be on a case by case basis depending on:

  • How many games are remaining in the season when you get injured
  • Your current subscription

You can apply for this to info@leicesterwestleigh.co.uk. It will by default go to your next season's membership fee unless you request otherwise. The decision of this club for the amount will be final.